Labour law

BOCHAMP offers comprehensive legal and HR support to implement a flexible, attractive and secure employment policy

The lawfirm assists its customers in crisis situations and audits, and defends its customers in labour Court , Urssaf (Organizations for the Collection of Social Security and Family Benefit Contributions), criminal and administrative labour litigation.

Collective relations

  • Securing and optimizing relations with the CSE (Works council) and trade unions
  • Social management of restructurings (legal or contractual transfer, reorganization with or without downsizing)
  • Support for the development of social dialogue to establish appropriate collective status on key issues (compensation, employee savings, social protection, mobility, teleworking, etc.)
  • Working time engineering (audit and analysis for the choice of appropriate and secure working time management systems)
  • Support in implementing a policy on quality of working life, working conditions and risk prevention
  • Structuring compensation and expense reimbursement policies
  • Formalization and management of social protection system and employee savings schemes

Individual relations

  • Structuring and securing the recruitment and hiring process
  • Securing the use of “precarious” employment contracts
  • Management of unfitness files
  • Management of harassment and whistle-blowing cases
  • Support for professional and international mobility (labour and social security law)
  • Strategy and management of disciplinary procedures and termination of employment contracts for employees and employees with mandates
  • Assistance and negotiation of employee departures
  • Management of situations where a mandate is combined with an employment contract

Labour litigation and administrative control

  • Individual labour litigation: disputes relating to breach of employment contract, working hours, harassment, back pay, health and safety obligations, etc.
  • Collective litigation in the court of first instance (contestation of appointment, professional elections)
  • Criminal litigation (offence of obstruction)
  • Urssaf/work accident and occupational disease litigation
  • Administrative litigation (challenges to administrative decisions concerning protected employees, PSE (Employment protection plan) and decisions handed down in the context of DREETS (Regional Department for the Economy, Employment, Labour and Solidarity) inspections)
  • Assistance with Urssaf and labour administration inspections

Example of cases handled

Implementation of a flexible work organization system to better meet business needs, and compliance with supplementary social protection schemes for an association in the medical field

Updating employment contracts and helping to set up a new collective status for a Foundation for Sustainable Development

Updating of internal regulations for a company operating in the construction sector

Implementation of a teleworking charter, overhaul of employment contracts and reorganization with downsizing for a French start-up in the field of technological development for the prediction of payment defaults between companies

Management of issues relating to the secondment of a foreign company in the construction sector to France, and appeal on grounds of ultra vires against a decision to suspend the provision of services.

Audit report on labour law risks, recommendations for action to be taken and support for compliance in the context of a takeover of a foreign company's business

Support for a reorganization without downsizing in a company in the metalworking sector