Inheritance law

The firm regularly advises its clients in France and abroad in the preparation of their inheritance as well as the heirs at the opening of the latter.

Transmission / management of assets in France and abroad

  • Transgenerational Donations
  • Guardianship and future protection
  • Rights of the surviving spouse and change of matrimonial regime
  • Legacie

Inheritance and partition

  • Reporting and dimunition of gifts
  • Disguised gifts
  • Actions for retrenchment
  • Contestation of wills
  • Management of indivision
  • Liquidation and judicial partition

Inheritance taxation

  • International tax conventions
  • Payment in kind

Examples of cases handled

Counsel to the heirs of a Franco-American art dealer in their dispute with the French tax authorities ( questioning the setting up of trusts)

Counsel to company directors in the implementation of the transfer of their assets and their companies

Counsel to the heirs of a world-renowned photographic artist in the recovery of their assets (donation report), the preservation of their moral rights and the payment of inheritance taxes (payment in kind)

Counsel to heirs of numerous inheritances (opened in Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Santo Domingo...) in the implementation of partitions and in their relations with the tax authorities

Counsel to second wives in their relationship with the children of the first marriage (report of donations, disguised donations)

Counsel to heirs of several inheritances holding property on the African continent and in particular in Ivory Coast, Senegal, Togo and Cameroon