Real Estate and Construction law

Our team provides assistance to both professionals and individuals in the elaboration of their projects but also in the framework of disputes between various stakeholders of the sector.


  • Drafting and reviewing leases (commercial, residential, precarious, professional, mixed, etc.)
  • Assignment and subletting
  • Disputes relating to eviction indemnities or renewal of rents
  • Implementation of the right of pre-emption
  • Liability claims against the kessor or the lessee


  • Neighborhood disturbances
  • Collection of charges and seizures of property
  • Modification of the co-ownership regulations
  • Contesting disputes arising from general meetings
  • Liability action against the syndicate of co-owners or the building manager
  • Organizing the change of syndic


  • Disputes during construction
  • Implementation of contractual and legal warranties after construction (GPA, GBF and ten year guarantee)
  • Liability action relating to subcontractors (law of December 31, 1975)

Real Estate sales

  • Action for adjustment of the price or liability of the seller for concealed flaws
  • Action to terminate the sale agreement
  • Action to contest the payment of the retention fee
  • Withdrawal of the buyer and action for forced sale

Example of cases handled

Counsel for major construction companies in litigation against clients due to the abandonment of work by subcontractors

Counsel for a real estate company seeking to terminate a commercial lease on the grounds that the tenant had exceeded its activity and that the occupants of the building had been adversely affected

Counsel for franchisors seeking to renegotiate all of their franchisees' leases

Counsel for numerous co-ownership syndicates to assist them in their management mission (collection of charges, organization of meetings, compliance with co-ownership regulations, request for expertise in case of damage, etc.)

Counsel for real estate developers in dispute with purchasers

Counsel for hotel groups in their development (acquisitions in France and abroad, construction sites, daily management)