Insolvency law – Restructuring

Our team assists executives in overcoming crisis situations encountered by their companies with the provision of cross-functional skills (in particular corporate law, labor law, contract law/securities) within the framework of prevention or insolvency procedures.

It also assists investors, shareholders and creditors in the legal treatment of corporate difficulties.

Prevention of hardship

  • Renegotiation and restructuring of debts
  • Assistance in the context of procedures for the amicable settlement of business difficulties (ad hoc mandate and conciliation)
  • Triggering of alert procedures by statutory auditors or company committees

Bankruptcy – Insolvency proceedings

  • Assistance to executives and companies in judicial safeguard and accelerated financial safeguard proceedings
  • Assistance to executives and companies in receivership and liquidation proceedings
  • Development and presentation of proposals for the takeover / acquisition of companies in difficulty or assets
  • Preservation of creditors’ rights (registration and enforcement of securities and guarantees, claims declarations, appointment of auditors)
  • Establishment of continuation or disposal plans

Handling of litigation in the collective – insolvency proceedings

  • Assistance to investors, shareholders, creditors or any third party facing insolvency proceedings
  • Defence of executives in the context of individual lawsuits following insolvency proceedings (management ban, personal bankruptcy, filling of liabilities, bankruptcy)
  • Assistance in the exercise of the rights of companies within the framework of insolvency proceedings

Example of cases handled

Counsel to companies in safeguard and receivership proceedings until the elaboration and adoption of the plan

Counsel to purchasers in the acquisition of companies in receivership as part of a disposal plan and management of post-acquisition conflicts

Counsel to executives prosecuted in commercial jurisdiction for liability

Counsel to judicial administrators and liquidating agents in ongoing litigation concerning companies in insolvency proceedings

Assistance to companies for the exercise of their own rights in the context of insolvency proceedings

Assistance to executives within the framework of procedures for the prevention of difficulties (ad-hoc mandate, conciliation)

Conciliation for an industrial group with a turnover of 600 M€, 1200 employees, restructured bank debt of €60 million

Conciliation for an industrial group with a turnover of 120 M€, 220 employees, restructured bank debt 45 M€